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Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year - A Fun Challenge!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season! For me, it is back to normal today, I have a couple of kids back in school and preschool and a hubby back at work. Now I can get back to crafting! I've been spending the last day or so organizing in my scrap room so stay tuned for pictures of that!

As I was filing some of my newer cartridges, I was noticing how many of the cartridges I have not actually used yet - it's crazy really. Soooooo, I have decided that this year I will use ALL of them on at least one project each. I had no idea how many cartridges I have, but I knew it was over 100. I decided to count all of the cartridges on my Gypsy because I will be using the digital downloads as well. I was pretty surprised at the total. I have 152 cartridges - so far. Yikes! I better get started!

This may seem extreme to some, but I know there are also a lot of you out there in the same situation as me! Let's get some use out of these cartridges! Please note: I am not challenging myself to not to buy anymore cartridges - that is pretty much a lost cause :-) If I buy more, I will have to add them in and use them too! And I will be throwing some Imagine projects into the mix as well! Can't neglect the newest addition to my Cricut family!

If you decide to challenge yourself in a way similar to this please leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can come follow your progress!
Happy New Year everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. I'm with ya Jen. I have a little over 100 including my imagine carts (and a few more on the way). I KNOW THERE ARE SOME THAT I HAVE NEVER USED. i guess I should just start at the letter A, and work my way down, that I know I wont miss any!


  2. I am jealous, I have 3 Cartridges, but in my defense I just got my first cricut for Christmas. So I am sure I will be adding to it, once my BF's wallett recovers from the holidays. :)
    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Oh Yea! count me in! I only have 70 plus the ones on the gypsy and have 5 more coming in the mail this week. So yesterdays post I used three of them. My daughter is updating my list so I can check them off, one by one. I also have 200 follower blog candy I am giveing away so please pop by and leave a comment....who know you might even win.

  4. I started a challenge like this last year - I didn't put myself on the same kind of limit (year) as you did, but it did get me to look to other cartridges every once in a while to do my projects. I am not sure if I have made it halfway through my list yet, but I am still working on it. If you post which cartridge you will be working on & it is one that I have yet to use, I will join you! Have fun!

  5. Yes, I am also doing the same type of challenge as I am only short 10 of all the carts that are available at this time on both the Imagine and the Cricut. It sounds crazy, but I love the 95% of all the carts and even some there is at least a couple of images that I really want.

    Oh Jennifer, your PM box is full on the Circle and I need to PM you the list for this weekends blog hop.

    wamfamily at surewest dot net

  6. Hey Jen! Wow that is a lot of Cricut cart's! I don't have that many but I do have a similar challenge and that is to use at least something that I've owned in my scrap room for a long time! I actually started this personal challenge when I started my Blog in November! So far so GOOD:)

  7. WOW!!!!!!!! I wanna come play at your house!!! I wouldn't even know where to start!! Good for you for challenging your self!! We all need to do that! I only have 5 cartridges (with one in the mail from a fellow scrapper!) but those 5 can do so much!! I need to just use my Cricut more! :D That's my challenge this year!!

  8. Wow! i am definitely coming back to check on your cricut challenge. I have 4 carts... so far =) but i have yet to start a project. So i'm with you in the challenge.. LOL
    good luck and have fun!

  9. Good luck with your challenge. I have 50 something and have slowed way down on buying more b/c I want to make sure they are all getting used regularly. It can be overwhelming at times. Enjoy your cartridges this year!

  10. When I read your post, it really hit home for me. I don't have nearly as many cartridges as you (I could only dream!) but I do have a lot. Around 45 when the new ones I just ordered arrive. And it is shameful that there are lots that I have never used! So, I am taking your challenge to use each cartridge at least once this year! And I read Kim's comment on this post, and I am going to do what she is doing, too, and use all of the stuff that has sat unused in my crafty space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I think I am going to start a similar challenge with my patterned paper. I Will try not to buy too much more until my stash is cut down by half. I say not much more because I don't have much for a baby girl at present.