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Monday, November 29, 2010

Imagine Note Pad

Hi everyone! Tonight I have been playing with my Imagine and having so much fun! It was the first time I have tried using an original Cricut cartridge with the Imagine cartridges! I am in total awe of this machine - really.

At My Creative time, in addition to her Throwback Thursday challenges, Emma also has started doing "Imagine-Nation Monday" where her and Sarah "Pink Cricut" host a challenge every other week using the Imagine machine. The challenge this time was to create a gift for someone using your Imagine. This is the first time I will be entering!

For this note pad I used the Winter Frolic Cricut cartridge and the Mr. Frosty Imagine cartridge.

I was able to use the Mr. Frosty cartridge to create a full 12X12" patterned paper which I cut for the chipboard cover.

The mouse and border were both cut from the Winter Frolic Cartridge using the Mr. Frosty Imagine cartridge to fill in the layers.

I cut a bunch of lined paper for the inside pages and bound everything together with my Bind-It-All.

Normally, I stay away from mouse cuts since I can't stand the things, but I actually thought this one turned out cute!

Hope you like it!


  1. Super cute!


  2. Very cute! I really want a bind-it all now!

  3. Heh...I see you got an award...I was just nominating you too...come see: